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Gift Box, Exclusive Collection, Birthday Flowers, Arrangement

A True Romance

or 3 X ₨1,793.33 with

Feminine and luscious, from our new exclusive collection.

Summer Loving

or 3 X ₨2,300.00 with
Gift someone special this vibrant arrangement of fresh flowers that comes in this gorgeous floral printed box.
Designer Arrangement, Birthday


or 3 X ₨2,433.33 with

Vivacious and spirited floral arrangement in an exploding zest of brilliant colour.

Designer Arrangement, Exclusive Collection, New Baby

I knew I loved you

or 3 X ₨2,875.00 with

Beautifully unique fresh flower arrangement comes in a Japanese inspired box.


You Give Me Butterflies

or 3 X ₨5,066.67 with

When you cant decide which flowers to get, go for a mixture of everything.

Gift Box, Exclusive Collection, Fresh Roses, Scented Candle

I’m A Believer

or 3 X ₨1,933.33 with

A Subtle Delicate Flower box paired with a fragrant candle.

Roses, Love, Romance, Gift Box, Arrangement

The Minimalist

or 3 X ₨2,300.00 with

To make Valentines Day extra sweet, this is the perfect way to say “I love you” or “Just Because”.