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Gourmet Gift Basket

Gourmet Gift Basket


Share delight with a gift basket filled with goodness. This magnificent basket brimming with some of our gourmet favorites is one our most popular gifts.

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Can be prepared by 2021/08/06
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Items Included:

  • Sow Fresh Artisan Tea
  • Dried Fruits (200g Assorted fruits)
  • Nuttery Nuts (100g Assoreted nuts)
  • Sow Fresh Artisan Papaya, Passionfruit and Vanilla Jam (250g)
  • Ceylon Bees Honey (50g)
  • Sow Fresh Artisan Tomato Chutney (50g)
  • Mini fresh flower bouquet
  • Comes beautifully packaged in a handmade basket

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